AFKAR PLUS is a social business incubator, founded in 2014 to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem for Arabic speakers inside and outside the Arab world.

Our Values

Raising youth income through pioneering projects to achieve sustainable local economic growth

Our Message

Empowering entrepreneurs and providing them the necessary skills and training, so they can convert their concepts and ideas into startups and enterprises.

Our Mission

Equal opportunities for young women and men to enter the labor market

Our Achievements

During the year 2019, we reached more than 900 beneficiaries through many programs, initiatives, and events.

Our Vision

Building strong networks which support each other

Basic AFKAR PLUS incubator services

  • Knowledge and Training Programs: Providing a wide range of training programs, whether within the incubator’s office or remotely, in cooperation with a group of international partners to provide added value for young women and men.


  • Mentoring: We provide guidance for entrepreneurs who aim to convert their ideas into pilot startups, and we provide them incubation so that they will able to move forward.


  • Networking: We have a wide network of partners on local, Arab, and international levels. In addition, we provide opportunities for our teams.



Success Stories

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AFKAR PLUS Incubator

It is an active social enterprise.

AFKAR PLUS is a social business incubator, founded in 2014 to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem for Arabic speakers inside and outside the Arab world.

In addition, it aims to provide training and mentoring for Arabic-speaking youth, whether resident in the Arab world, or newcomers to Europe, to transform their creative ideas into startups and enterprises, and to accelerate their financial dependence on themselves. AFKAR PLUS provides knowledge, training, networking, and mentoring.

  • Supporting Startups 100%
  • Networking 100%
  • Creativity 100%
  • Business Skills 100%
  • Freelancing 100%
  • Seed Funding 90%

Our Team

Samer Al-Aswad

Samer Al-Aswad

CEO - Founding partner

Samer Al-Aswad holds an Informatics Engineering degree in Software Engineering from the University of Aleppo, Syria, in 2005. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Picardy Jules Verne, France in Information Systems Management. He worked in programming and analysis of administrative systems with many private companies in Syria. In addition, he has participated in developing specialized software systems in Human Resource Management and Educational Systems. Samer has extensive experience in TOT and MPM. Besides, he is a speaker and participant in the number of conferences.

Dr. Fadi Amroush

Dr. Fadi Amroush

Manager of EU branch - Founding partner

Dr. Amroush has about 15 years of experience in Business and Project Management, Digital Marketing, Behavioral Economics, and Informatics. He comes from a background in Computer Science and then moved to the Economics and Business Administration. He obtained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Informatics Engineering from the University of Aleppo (Syria), and then a Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Behaviour Economics from the University of Granada (Spain). He also received two grants as a visiting researcher at the Universities of Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela (Spain). In addition, Dr. Amroush currently works as CTO at the niuversity

Our Activities

Success Stories


It is a platform for production and marketing traditional Syrian handmade products, such as Aleppo soap and handmade textiles, in a new and modern way to reach the world while preserving the original product

Learn about Zaman products

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A project that provides all media services, such as Motion Graphics and Voice over, in creative and innovative ways.

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A youth space that provides an ideal environment for work, study, and activities through the various services it provides.

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It is a community environmental production project that works on recycled products to produce notebooks and gifts on demand by focusing on employing women providing for their families.

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A pioneering project (in progress) aims to build digital tools to verify news in the digital world.



The “Maktaby Online” project aims to enable women to work inside the home, through both Arab and foreign freelance sites.



The Rasheed platform for Career Development aims to bring together many experts and consultants to provide support for Career Path Development.

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Opening hours: 9 am - 6 pm - Friday weekend - Address: Hama - Al-Tawfra, opposite the Mamourieh Square.


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